Your Avocado Toast is in Danger

Grace Vanden Bossche's picture

I recently stumbled upon this article that talks about Trump's recent activity with Mexico. He claims that he will shut down the border between the US and Mexico in the next week if they, Mexico, do not stop their "flood" of illegal immigrants immediately. This request is prompted by border control's projections for the month of March. They claim that March was on pace to exceed "100,000 border apprehensions" which would be the highest in a decade according to them. The immediate effect of this action of closing the border would cause Americans to run out of Avocados within three weeks. At this point on time Mexico supplies practically 100% of all avocados into the US. At the moment the state of California has a measly avocado crop compared to our experienced neighbors. Looking back to 2017 the United states imported $2.6 billion worth of avocados and exported only $28,500 worth of avocados; that is only .001% of what is imported. The impact of closing the border would be felt immediately by Americans. I found this article intriguing for many reasons. Did Trump think of the short or long term impacts of his actions? How would this policy increase the strain between the US and Mexico? And finally, are Americans prioritizing this issue because of its impact on their favorite fruit? I would love to hear others thoughts.