You Can't Study While You're Hungry

It is extremely difficult for one to study if they don't have the proper nutrients in their body. According to an article in the New York Times, an estimated half of all college students struggle with food insecurity, even at elite universities. Some universities have been proactive, but not nearly enough: "In New York, where a forthcoming study by researchers at the City University of New York reports that 30 percent of community college students and 22 percent of four-year college students are food insecure, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo recently proposed that every public college open a free campus food pantry." 

Take a look at the article I posted below. It discusses how many college students don't have the ability to afford basic necessities, and provides shocking statistics as well. Before reading this, I didn't realize that this was a problem at many schools throughout the country, especially at the University of Michigan.

Once you're done reading the article posted by the New York Times, take a look at the Michigan dining hall hours. To clarify, I am bringing up two issues in this thread. First, the food insecurity that exists on college campuses. Second, the limited dining hall hours provided at U of M. 

Questions to Consider:

1. How are these two issues related?

2. Should Governor Snyder (R-Michigan) implement a similar program to Gov. Cuomo's in Michigan?

3. Do you think the dining halls are sufficient?

4. If not, should they consider expanding their hours to accomadate all students needs? (gameday, late/early studiers)