Wrongful Imprisonment

"Danny Burton spent three decades behind prison walls for a murder in which he was wrongly convicted."

This article further shows the harsh effects of wrongfully being convicted. Danny Burton is trying to receive money from the Wrongful Imprisonment Compensact Act (WICA) to compensate for being wrongfully convicted for the years he lost being in prison. Burton said if the payment is approved he is going to invest some of the money to open community organizations to help other individuals who were also wrongfully convicted. In 2019 the WICA awarded payment ranged from $55,205 to $1.6 million. This payment is crucial in helping individuals who were wrongfully convicted and spent years behind bars for crimes they did not commit. However, people need more than just money to help them adjust to life outside of prison. 

Personally, I believe that there is much more that needs to be done for individuals who were wrongfully convicted rather than just giving them money. I can't even imagine the mental health issues that these false-convicts come out with about they are surrounded by incarcerated individuals and put in this system where they don't actually belong. In addition, I believe that more individuals should be getting WICA funds than they are. I don't think it should be as hard to get a WICA fund as it is today around the world. However, Michigan is doing more in helping the wrongfully convicted than many other states. 

Individuals who are wrongfully convicted not only affect their lives but also their family's lives. Do you think that just giving someone who was wrongfully convicted a large sum of money is sufficient for them being behind bars for a crime they didn't commit? Do you think they should also be given some sort of mental health resources when they are released from prison? In addition, do you think there should be more prison-release programs in order to help individuals to adjust back into society?