Women in White

During the State of the Union address on Tuesday, the women in Congress all wore white to honor past suffragists and make a statement about representation and gender equality. Congress currently has more female lawmakers than ever in the past with over 102 women serving in the House of Representatives and 25 in the Senate. In the century since women gained the right to vote, there have been big strides towards gender equality - an example being the record number of female representatives in the government. However, there are still glaring gaps in gender equality in the government as well as industries across the board. As a business student, I hear a lot about the lack of females in careers like banking, trading, or consulting. My sister is a computer science engineer and often works in groups of 10-20 as the only female. I think there is an interesting correlation between how young girls perceive certain industries and education and the gender gap in the workplace, which is described here. As a female who decided to pursue a male-dominated field regardless of some of these statistics, I've been trying to think about what could be done starting in kindergarten to change the current situation. Was anyone involved in any camps/clubs that were dedicated to motivating young females? Do you think there's a way to showcase more female role models at a young age? Are there things the University could do to tackle this issue?