Women Are Still Less Likely To Be Identified By Their Accomplishments

Hi everyone, 

I want to share this article: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/work-language-women-described_l_5c671309e4b01757c36b7ec6 both to point how how women are continually being determined and remembered based on who they are as opposed to what they do or know, and to show how the importance of language and communication can be of huge impact. The article points out how this kind of devaluation is especially common during workplace introductions. According to a study in the Journal of Women's Health, "male introducers are significantly less likely to introduce a female speaker as a doctor than they do for male speakers." Additionally, it has been proven that these everyday descriptors have long lasting impacts on women's careers. Especially in this day in age, it is truly upsetting how many women are noted based on who their husband is and how the notion of societal gender bias then comes into play. In order for this to change, however, "women will need to be fully seen and recognized for the work they do outside of what they do for their families, partners and homes." What do you think is the best way to ensure women are addressed by the highest title they have achieved?