Winter maintenance in Michigan

Winters, especially in the state of Michigan, has always made it a lot tougher for people to get out and do things. The more and more snow there is on the streets, the more dangerous it is to leave your house. This article on the Michigan Daily discusses how the conditions of the walkways and lack of maintenance being done has made it even harder to get out during the winter. The author speaks to how for him, he struggles but he is able to avoid the ice and be careful. However, he saw an elderly couple, holding onto each other for their lives to not slip while walking home. This shouldn't have to happen. Though in the state of Michigan it does snow very often, and temperatures do get fairly low, the streets and sidewalks should be taken care of more to ensure the safety of the people. With that being said, what do you guys think can be done to guarantee this? Should laws being passed where there must be workers clearing the roads and side walks at all hours when there is snow? Can more money be put into these tasks in order to pay the workers and if so where would the funding come from? I do think that the danger is a huge liability on the government and something must be done about it, so I look forward to hearing people's thoughts!