What you should be doing now: Guidelines for continued commenting

Jeff Kupperman's picture

As you work on your persona and POV statements, you should be continuing to comment on each other’s proposal documents as well as in free-standing discussions in the topic areas. Your comments should generally fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Commenting on other people’s proposals (right now just the media artifact, but soon to include a Persona and POV), and continuing the conversation when they respond back.

  2. Engaging with those who have commented on your proposal in a back-and-forth conversation.

  3. Starting and sustaining discussions that are relevant to your area of focus (though you don't have to stick exclusively to the topic area where you have started your proposal).

  4. Contributing to other discussions in helpful ways, whether or not they are directly related to your area of focus.

In free-standing discussions, consider starting your posts with phrases like these:

  • “Is anyone else thinking about…?”

  • “I’ve been wondering about … “

  • “What’s your personal experience with….?”

  • “I’d love some help figuring out…”

  • “This is relevant to my topic because…”

Use the MSC as a team -- don’t hesitate to go to your teammates for help and advice, and to give back in turn.