Welcome to new Caucus members from Innovation Academy; Upcoming Town Hall meetings

Jeff Kupperman's picture

A big welcome to the students from the Innovation Academy in Howell who joined the MSC today! We're looking forward to your insights and perspectives as we discuss "provocations" this week, and we're eager to hear your interests and ideas as we move forward after that into issue discussions and proposal-crafting. 

Everyone, and especially MSC members from UM, please note the upcoming town halls and "counts as a town hall" events which are listed in the Events area -- there is one tomorrow and several next week. Please be sure to go to the event listing and click "Attend" for each event you plan to go to. (Don't worry, you can always "un-attend" if necessary.) EDUC 362 students, keep in mind that attendance at at least two town halls is required -- a few more will be scheduled soon, but if you can attend one or more of the currently scheduled ones, please do.