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Welcome to the Michigan Student Caucus! If you are a U of M student taking EDUC 362, please be sure to read the syllabus very carefully, and start right away on the PROVOCATIONS discussions.

If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or you simply want to chat about the MSC, please email the instructors at mscinstructors@umich.edu, or come to office hours (which will be posted in the "events" section of this site). 

And speaking of events, please watch the "events" section for Town Hall Meetings and other events that can count as Town Halls -- a couple will be posted very soon, with more scheduled as the semester goes on. Be sure to read the details in the event listing, and note especially that there are advance readings, and that you will need to come prepared with a written question. Also be sure to click "attend" in the event listing if you are planning to go.

Meanwhile, at this point you should all be posting regularly (multiple posts per day on at least 3 days per week) in the comments areas of the PROVOCATIONS, and posting at least one provocation of your own soon, but no later than Sunday, January 19. Keep in mind that these should be conversations among MSC members, not short essays written to impress the instructors. Read what others have written, invite responses to your own posts, and keep the dialog going.