Warm and cozy MSC updates and notes

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It is cold outside, but the inside the MSC website it is warm and comfortable--the perfect opportunity to be more active online! Please continue to actively post.

Please follow the MSC on Instagram!

We’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating, the @michiganstudentcaucus instagram account is full of great tips, advice, and MSC contributions worthy of your attention. Friendly hint: not only will the instagram posts help you be more effective in the MSC, your instructors will take notice and smile upon those who follow. Need we say more?

Provocations are done! Long live the topic areas!

The Provocations discussions, wonderful as they were, should be wrapped up by now. At this stage, please start posting in the topic areas. You are welcome to take up an idea or question that was addressed in the Provocations discussions and restart and reframe it in one of the topic areas.

Refer to outside research

The TCs remind you: References to your own personal experience is great, but you are strongly encouraged to refer to outside research, when appropriate, in your postings. Your thoughtful and well-reasoned comments are enhanced when you cite outside sources and studies that serve to broaden the scope of discussion and provide caucus members with more in-depth understanding of the issue under consideration.

Speaking of TCs, use them!

Jillian, Jenna, and Stefan are here to support you -- please use them as a first stop for feedback, technical questions, and brainstorming. You can send them a message directly through the MSC site by clicking their name to go to their profile page, and then clicking the “send this user a private message” link.

Town halls rescheduled

Due to the severe weather conditions, this week’s Town Hall Meetings have been (or will be rescheduled). Please note the new time for the Town Hall Meeting on “Getting the Most out of your Service Activity” with Danyelle Reynolds has been rescheduled for next Wednesday, February 5 at 5:30--venue TBA. The rescheduled time and venue for tomorrow’s Town Hall with Frankie Moore of the Community Action Network will be announced shortly.

Your service activity

If you are in EDUC 362, you should be starting service activity no later than next Monday, Feb. 4. That said, if the extreme cold has caused a delay, or if you were counting on attending one of this week’s cancelled town halls to help finalize your plans, please let us (Jeff and Michael) know.