Veterans For K-12 School Security

Proposal Form - MSC 2017


Reference to a current Michigan bill or law that relates in some way to your proposal:

Section 28.425o

Section 750.237a

Why this proposal will make a difference in the lives of students of all ages across Michigan, or a significant subgroup (by age, background, economic status, and/or region, etc.) of students in Michigan:

-Provides a stronger feeling of security

-More experience

-Better ability to assess potentially lethal situations

How and where did you learn about the issues underlying your proposal?


-Daily life

-Personal experiences


Talk directly with at least 3 real live people who have special knowledge about this topic or the impact your proposal would have, and summarize their comments. These may include people appearing in your media artifact (video, podcast, etc.).

CONSULTATION 1: Jason Schrock (HHS Principal) -

    Would you be comfortable with the idea of hiring veterans to serve as school security?

    Yes; the experience alone would be beneficial as the standard for hiring security is fairly low.

Is it financially possible to hire veterans and (if necessary) arm them?

    So long as the standard pay rates for security are sufficient enough as a salary. As for firearms, it is up to the BOE to decide on regulations and/or permissions to use them.

    Would this proposal offer better security for the schools in which it’s implemented?

    So long as there are checks and balances regarding training, it would add better security. More advanced skills would be highly beneficial.

CONSULTATION 2: Gabriella DiNatale (Teacher) -

Interviewer’s Note: Gabriella personally disagrees with having firearms in a school setting.

Do you feel that hiring veterans is a good idea?

I believe that it would definitely be better for school safety.

Do you feel that arming veterans is a better alternative to arming teachers?

I am personally against the use or possession of any firearms in schools, but if they would be present I would prefer veterans with experience.

Do you feel that concealed carry should be imperative to having firearms as a security measure when dealing in schools from K-5?

I believe that concealed carry, if firearms are implemented, should be exercised in all schools.


CONSULTATION 3: Colonel Franz (Veteran) -

    Was it difficult to find a job when you came home from service?


    What was it like having to reintegrate back into everyday society?


    Would this proposal be beneficial for veterans who come home and struggle to find a job?


Potential Solutions:

Describe three reasonable, feasible potential solutions or approaches that would help address this problem.

SOLUTION 1: Require a series of psych-evals in order to ensure the safety of both the employee and student.

SOLUTION 2: Require background checks and restrictions on the use of firearms (depending on the situation)

SOLUTION 3: Allow specific sidearms (if the employee has a personal weapons) to be registered and permitted so as to eliminate the need to purchase them for employed veterans.


Reaction or advice from your UM Mentor:

You must solicit a critique from your UM mentor and explain the impact that advice has had on the final draft of this proposal.

Our UM Mentor Zachary Greenspan guided us throughout the process of creating our proposal by giving us tips whenever we were stuck such as websites to visit or topics to discuss. He also helped us by checking our spelling and grammar to make sure the document was easy to understand and could be read easily.


Research process:

Describe your research process — indicate who you talked to (including but not limited to consultants), what you read, what your thinking was, how it changed over time, and how your consultants changed your thinking. This description of your research process definitely could include “dead ends,” or ideas you had that didn’t ultimately bear fruit.  In short, we want to know what you did and how it led to your legislation, and we also want you to give us a window into your thought process.

Research: We went into this topic with very little concrete information to go off of. Most of our prior knowledge had come from personal experiences, such as seeing homeless veterans in places such as Detroit, and it has been no secret in our society that this has been a growing issue. As for the school security initiative, it has been an observed proposal for schools for some time. But the government funding that went into training could be better spent elsewhere. Especially when so many willing and able veterans who have had trouble finding work when they return home would be able to benefit so greatly. So after extensive research, we have been able to put together a viable, financially possible, and overall beneficial plan to integrate these veterans who have given their lives to serve our country, and in doing so we can give back to those who gave so much.


Author contributions:

Please delineate--in detail--who made what contributions to the process and to the finished proposal? Who took on which responsibilities in researching ideas, drafting language, etc.?

Erik Ablett-Base Research Administrator, Consultation Coordinator/Interviewer

Alayna Ross- Consultation Coordinator/Interviewer

Jacob House- Templating of Proposal, Project Coordinator, Base Research

Jeremy Tuten- Preliminary Research, Solutions

Kyle Hamilton- Preliminary Research, Points of View

Dora Cassar- Background Information, Problem Solving




The sections below should comprise your final proposal language, submitted for consideration by your peers and potential inclusion in the MSC Platform.

Preambulatory clauses

These set up the PROBLEM, but not the solution.

WHEREAS.... Most security guards have limited experience.

WHEREAS…. 43 percent of all public schools have armed security, and only 24 percent have full time armed security at school.

WHEREAS.... 8.6% (roughly 49,933 people) of the homeless population is made up of veterans.

(Add more "Whereas" clauses if necessary.)

Operative clauses

These describe in detail, the solution you are proposing (not the problem itself; those should go in the "Whereas" clauses above).


1. Given that these guards are veterans they have more experience in dangerous and stressful situations, and would be able to better assess and act on the situation.

2. In the case of a shooting, Michigan Public Schools would have guards that could act on the situation and potentially save lives.

3. By hiring retired veterans, the U.S. could significantly​ decrease the number of homeless people, as veterans make up almost one tenth of the homeless population.

(Add more "Resolved" clauses if necessary.)


What are three reasonable arguments against this proposal?

1.Possibility of potentially violent PTSD

2.Exposing children to firearms at a young age. Does this set a good example?

3. In the event of an emergency, in what manner is the veteran supposed to act? He cannot simply open fire in a school environment, and some guidelines must be set.

Costs and funding:

What will your proposal cost (in direct expenses, lost tax revenue, lost economic opportunity, and/or non-monetary costs)? How will you pay for your proposed legislation? Where will/could the funding for your proposal come from?  Who might object to dedicating resources to your proposal (competing interests)?  

The interesting aspect of this proposal is that costs shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Pay rates can be the same as the standard for hiring security for schools already. This way, the only funds that will really be expended will be for possible refresher training in firearms. Ultimately, the Board of Education would have to approve if firearms would be appropriate and there is also the question of how guns would be distributed and/or allowed (if a personal sidearm is owned) in a school environment. Distribution would cost the school a sufficient amount of money, but allowance of personal sidearms for hired security would lessen this cost greatly, and that is an executive decision that can be made by the school board if necessary.


References: These can include websites or other information you have found about the issue.




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