US Measles Outbreak

Last month, I posted a discussion regarding a Measles case in Costa Rica, origniating from a French boy bringing the disease into the country. Today, US News headline is "Measles Outbreak Grows Again." As of now, there are 71 confirmed cases just in Washington, and 228 cases nation wide!! It's important to note that Washington is one of 17 US States that "allow parents to exempt their children from vaccinations for personal, moral or other beliefs." In my opinion, the correlation between Measles cases and Washington's law is too strong for this to simply be a coincedene...

There are many concerns/questions that come to mind after seeing this article earlier, as any somewhat knowledgable person would have. Initially, I was shocked because the US is very on top of vaccinations, especially contagious ones like Measles. Do you think this is related to the Costa Rica case last month or totally different events? What was your initial reaction after seeing this headline? Do you think government officials/doctors should enforce vaccinations to protect the well being of the greater good? I'm interested to hear your thoughts.