Uber USC

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Uber and Lyft are both easy and convenient ways for students to get around campus, but students often decide to turn to public forms of transportation instead because of the cost associated with these rideshare apps. Public transportation at the University of Michigan is free for all students, however, it is not the most ideal way for students to get around. Students often have to walk certain distances to get to one of the locations where the public transportation picks them up, and sometimes these walks can be very long and desolate. Often times students have to walk to places alone during very late times at night, resulting in them feeking extremely unsafe. Additionally, students also sometimes need to travel somewhere not within the route of the public transportation system and need to find alternative methods of travel.

At schools, like the University of Southern California, they have implemented systems where students can take Lyfts for free after a certain time each night. Lyft sends an email to all students at USC and has these students go through a few steps to link their USC email with their Lyft accounts, which eventually enables USC to pay for all of their Lyft rides. This system promotes safety and helps students get to one place to another without having to worry about the costs associated with it. USC is a private school and has a lot of funds to use and does not have to worry about allocating their money as much as public schools do.

After hearing about this system that USC has, I wanted to know what the Caucus would think if the University of Michigan implemented a system similar to USC's. I have a few questions that I think would create for an interesting discussion.

1. Do you guys think having the university pay for all Uber rides after a certain time would be benefecial to the university overall?

2. Do you guys see any potential negatives with this new system?

3. Do you guys believe that this new system would be feasible for the university? 

4. Where would the university get the money for free ridesharing rides?