U of M Libraries - Timing / Exclusivity

Henry Burke's picture

Personally, I have a problem with the dynamic/timing of the Michigan buildings. Many of them have very strict hours of operation, and very few buildings are open late at night. For example, the upper floors of Weiser Hall close at 5 pm. Granted, there are a plethora of study locations, but the fact that there is only one 24/7 library rubs me the wrong way. How come the Law Library closes at 2 am during the week yet the Taubman Science Library closes at midnight? Is this a form of prioritizing certain subjects or majors?

Furthermore, some study spots require certain credentials to be able to study there. How come a student not in the OS program cannot study in the upper floors of Weiser, yet not one person has ever gotten kicked out of the Winter Garden for not being a Ross BBA or grad student? Why do we have these discrepancies here at Michigan? Students pay tens of thousands of dollars for tuition here; I feel as if there should be a little more space available to students (especially at night). I know we have all experienced the frustration of searching for a study spot during finals week with zero luck. I also understand that necessary staff would be needed for new spaces or extended hours of operations for buildings/libraries; so, how can this problem be fixed? What are some potential solutions? Would new problems stem from these solutions?