U of M and Detroit Poverty

The University of Michigan recently announced that they are providing up to $500,000 to Detroit to fight poverty. The aim of this is to decrease income inequality, and create economic mobility. "This is a unique opportunity for the university to partner with the city of Detroit to find new and innovative ways to boost mobility and reduce poverty, seeking to bring value to Detroiters while also building knowledge about what works in fighting poverty that can be exported to other cities." The listed priorities of the partnership include...

-"Removing barriers to employment for city residents, including transportation.
-Leveraging U-M resources to enhance Detroit initiatives.
-Providing research and analysis to build on current programs and pilot new ones.
-Tracking and evaluating progress to measure overall impact of Detroit initiatives."

What are your thoughts on this program? Do you all think this will be an effective route in fighting income inequality? Should the money go straight to improving education instead? What other creative ways could be implemented given the $500,000 is accessible? I am excited to see economic mobility become more of a commonplace topic throughout the area! This is the only the start, and I am excited to hear all of your thoughts.