U-M Advance Entrepreneurial Activity

Hey guys,

I found this article about how much of an outstanding year the University of Michigan had in tech transfers and entrepreneurship. In the past fiscal year, the University of Michigan has been breaking records. There were 22 startups, signed 232 license and option agreements, 198 patents were issued, and in the past 5 years there has been 2280 inventions. These are significant numbers. These numbers show how hard the faculty and researchers have worked and care for the success and entrpreneurial desires of the hungry students. These startups and inventions dont just benefit the university and its excellent reputation, they benefit the state of Michigan as a whole. New businesses and industry have opened up and provided work and production for the Michigan community. By translating all of the learning, research, ideas, and resources that the university provides and putting those efforts into the marketplace will only provide economic growth and economic opportunity. This success is great for the school. The ceiling is limitless for the students that come to achieve something special and that is what makes the Michigan culture so special. They are producing successful businessmen and women and will only continue to put together more success. Attatched here is the link to the article: https://news.umich.edu/u-m-tech-transfer-sets-records-in-fy19-2/