Trump First Step Act: Huge Step in Criminal Justice System

I wanted to share some recent news from the Trump Administration that recently declared April to be "First Step Act" month. If you are not familiar with the first step act, it is an act that focuses on cutting prison sentencing times shorter for thousands of federal inmates. Moreover, this act is intended to reduce recidivism rates by relaxing the three strike rule, expands job training for ex-convicts, and increases good time credits. This act changes the way we approach non-violent offenders, giving them a chance to succeed in rehabilitation programs and re-entry into normal life. The New York Times has stated that this act will "deliver the most significant changes to the criminal justice system in a generation." 

This act has garnered support from politicians on both sides of the aisle. Many people have been hoping for a change like this because of America's high recidivism rates, expanding prison budget, and unfair sentencing of racial minorities for low stake crimes. Because of the overwhelmingly positive reaction to this act, it is likely that we will see more changes to the prison system in the near future. President Trump has already proposed the "Second Step Act" that will focus specifically on reducing unemployment rates for those with criminal records. The proposed budget for this plan is set at $500 million. 

I think an act like this could greatly benefit many prisoners, former prisoners, and all of their families. What do you think about this act? What else should be done to address similar problems in the prison system? How do you think acts like these should be implemented?