Trash Incinerators,The Air Quality Killers

Michigan Student Caucus Proposal Template for   Summers-Knoll Students 2019 Part 1: BACKGROUND AND RESEARCH PROCESS due Oct 22 Context


  1. What is a current bill or law that relates in some way to your proposal? Use the 

legislative database found here:

  1. How would this bill make a difference in the lives of students across Michigan?


It would lower Childhood Asthma and Cancer 

  1. How and where did you learn about the issues underlying your proposal?

            I was brainstorming on an artifact to do for MSC and I at first wanted to do single use plastics, but then it decided on trash incinerators and later learned about asthmas and canerus effects are when living near one of these large facilities    


  1. Link to your media artifact(s) giving background on the issue: 

My bill will be more on asthma in children i got a comment on my post saying that they it would be better if i had added more on childhood asthma

Research process To whom did you talk about this issue to learn more?
  1. What did you initially think about your topic and how did your thinking change over time?


I was thinking about how trash incinerators pollute the air until I got a comment on my artifact that wanted more about childhood asthma so i am doing childhood asthma as my proposal 


  1. What was the most significant article/video/report/website that you used and how did it impact your research?   


This surprised me that so many people in the U.S live next to this large facilities that pollute the air and learning that the asthma and cancer levels in people around the incinerator also the neighborhood around the incinerators are minorities that can't stop the incinerators.

Part 2: FORMAL PROPOSAL due Oct 29 The sections below should comprise your final proposal language, submitted for consideration by your peers and potential inclusion in the MSC Platform. Preambulatory clauses

These set up the PROBLEM, but not the solution.

WHEREAS.... Statistics show that Trash incinerators are causing large asthma and cancer outbreaks in neighborhoods surrounding them the fumes that come from the incinerators are toxic and bad for the human lungs and for the air quality around them 

WHEREAS.... Stat’s show that the incinerators are mostly in minority neighborhoods that generally don't have as much access to healthcare and medicine 

WHEREAS.... Scientists have said that the incinerators pollute the air and are just as bad if not worse than landfills because they pollute the air and fumes can cause asthma and cancer 

Whereas …. 35% of what most incinerators burn can be composted 

Operative clauses

These describe in detail, the solution you are proposing (not the problem itself; those should go in the "Whereas" clauses above).


1. That incinerator facilities compost what can be composted 

2.  The incinerators are shut down or find a way to remove waste and not pollute the air 

3. That affordable health care is in place to help children with asthma and cancer 

(Add more "Resolved" clauses if necessary.)


What are three reasonable arguments against this proposal?

1.That the incinerators are making affordable energy for homes 

2. It is reducing the input to landfills 

3. If provides good jobs and boosts the economy 

Costs and funding:
  1. What are some costs associated with your proposal? 

Switching peoples energy providers  from the incinerators


  1. How will you pay for your proposed bill? From what sources could the funding come?

Public fundraising or events


  1. Who (people or groups) might object to funding your proposal?

    Corporations like  Knet County Department of Public Works that make money off of the incinerators


List all websites, articles, reports, videos, or other resources you used to research for this project. You do not have to include formal citations. **Eighth graders only: After each source, write 1-2 sentences about why you chose this source and why you trusted it


Preview attachment Breathe Free Detroit Incinerator Report_v4.pdf

Breathe Free Detroit Incinerator Report_v4.pdf

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