Town Hall on Thursday...and other MSC news!

Jeff Stanzler (MSC Faculty)'s picture

Just a note that office hours for EDUC 362 students will be held 3-4 pm tomorrow, Wednesday, January 17th, in 4007 School of Education. These (and all future office hours) are posted in the EVENTS section of the MSC site. If you plan to attend (even if you decide at the last minute) please click the "attend" button on the event listing so we know to expect you.

While you're there, be sure to sign up for one or more of the upcoming Town Hall meetings, if your schedule permits. More will be listed as they are arranged, but it's good to attend as many as you can, especially early in the semester. All EDUC 362 students are required to attend a minimum of two Town Halls.

We strongly recommend that you attend this Thursday’s town hall with Danyelle Reynolds of the Ginsburg Center if you possibly can.  This Town Hall will be fun and interesting, and it will also be full of good advice about getting the most out of your MSC service work.  Danyelle’s presentation will take place from 4-5 in 2327 School of Education this Thursday.  Sign up and find the readings HERE.

Finally, two other points of information:

  • You’ll notice that some MSC members have “TC” next to their names. This indicates that they are Topic Coordinators, and they have a particular responsibility to facilitate discussion and help increase the quality of the caucus as a whole. They are also happy to answer questions and assist you when you’re stuck.

  • This is looking far ahead, but a link to the template for your final portfolio is available in the “Links” section of this site. We might make a few tweaks to it before it’s due, but you can get an idea of what is required, and start keeping notes -- for example, you might want to do a draft of a write-up for the town hall this Thursday, if (when!) you attend.