Town hall meeting: Service Opportunities working with kids (Will Spotts from Bright Futures Project & Nadine Jawad from Books for a Benefit; Monday, Jan. 29th from 5-6 pm in 2327 School of Education)

Jan 29 2018, 5:00pm - 6:00pm EST

Will Spotts from the Bright Futures Education Project and Nadine Jawad from Books for a Benefit will tell you about service opportunities, available to you, that involve working with kids.

Here’s a reminder of the guidelines for participating in a Town Hall Meeting:

● You are expected to do the reading and come to the meeting with a question (inspired by the readings below) written on a paper or index card that you’ll hand in before the meeting starts. Make sure that you keep a second copy of the question in case you’re asked by a faculty member or topic coordinator to pose your question to the speaker.

● Out of respect for our speakers, laptops must be closed during town hall presentations.


The readings for this Town Hall Meeting are the websites for the projects that will be represented at the Town Hall:




Jackie Tsontakis
Amanda Ciancio
Julia Marino
Jenna Kravitz
Haley Carpenter
Samuel Kuznetsky
Seth Goldstein (TC)
Larry Suprun
Jon Halpern
Jacob Sokol
Adriana Hassan
Tommaso Angelini
Jarett Terner
Carly Belloff
Leo Batali
Michelle Peng
Maxwell Youtie
Nikhil Parvathala
Michael Fahy
Glen Stegman TC