Town Hall Meeting- Make your Proposal into a Bill that could be a Law with Rebecca Devooght (March 20 at 6 pm in 2327 School of Education)

Mar 20 2018, 6:00pm - 7:00pm EDT

Rebecca Devooght, a registered lobbyist, will help you develop your proosal into something that could pass muster with the state legislature. This Town Hall is typically one of the most popular each semester. 

This townhall wil be held in the Brownlee (2327 SOE) on Tuesday March 20 from 6pm to 7pm


This article about finding good proposal consultants, inspired by a previous town hall presentation by Ms. Devooght

Here’s a reminder of the guidelines for participating in a Town Hall Meeting:

● You are expected to do the reading and post a question for the speaker by the end of the day preceding the town hall. Please bring two copies of your question so that the topic coordinators have a copy and you have a copy of your question handy in case you're called upon to ask it.

● Out of respect for our speakers, laptops must be closed and phones put away during town hall presentations. Please bring some sort of low-tech means for taking notes.




Jay McDowell
Mackenzie Chyatte
Maxwell Youtie
Austin Gould
Vanessa Krause
Andrew Cohen
Wouter Ritsema
Madeleine Roth
Rachel Tanenbaum
Drew Meklinsky
Nikhil Parvathala