Topic Areas Open, and More

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THE TOPIC AREAS ARE OPEN: You should be wrapping up the DOCS discussions and moving on to discussion in the ten general topic areas (now appearing on the home page). At this point, for EDUC 362 students it no longer matters what section you are in - start with whatever topic areas you are interested in and, staring now, please be sure to contribute to at least three different topic areas per week. The topic coordinators and faculty will be starting discussions in these areas initially, but soon we’ll expect all of you to start discussions -- as time goes on, be sure to start at least two discussions in the topic area(s) of your choice.

(The DOCS discussion groups are no longer on the front page, but If you have a conversation going on that you want to continue, you can find the DOCS discussions in the “Groups” area, following the link in the nav bar above.)

SERVICE: You should be working on setting up your service activity. By now, you should have made contact with a prospective service location or organization; if you haven’t, please reference the list of service organizations and contact one of your choice. Also consider attending Monday’s (9/29) Town Hall--5 pm in 2327 School of Education...sign up HERE--which is focused on specific service options. Bear in mind that your service activity should start no later than February 5th, and your service check-in is due on February 9th. (Instructions for submitting your check-in will be provided at a later date.)

OFFICE HOURS: Thanks to everyone who has come in already for office hours. As we said at orientation, office hours are very important in this class, given that we don’t meet regularly face-to-face. The faculty will continue to list several office hours each week, and the topic coordinators will soon begin to list office hours as well. We strongly advise you to take advantage of office hours so that you can make the most out of your MSC experience.

COURSE GRADING: We’ve re-organized the section in the syllabus about course grading for the sake of clarity, and so that it reflects the fact that the rubric will be the basis for all grading. Have a look at that section of the syllabus, and please email the faculty, or check in with one of us during office hours, if you have any questions.