Today at 4 in 1322 School of Education!! Final Town Hall Meeting before break

Jeff Stanzler (MSC Faculty)'s picture
Town Hall TODAY with Jason Frenzel: There will be a Town Hall this afternoon with Jason Frenzel of the Huron Watershed Council. 4:00 in School of Education room 1322. It's not too late to sign up...see the event posting HERE for more information and pre-reading.   Prospectus Due Friday 2/24: The next part of your proposal is due on Friday, to be added to the proposal you began on the MSC website with your Media Artifact. See the Syllabus for more information about the requirements for this portion of your proposal.   Consultation Expectations: You should be in the process of reaching out to, and meeting with, at least three people who can offer you guidance and push your thinking around your proposal idea. Remember, the idea is not to seek out people who will necessarily agree with you. The ultimate goal is that your proposal will be as strong as possible, which means it will account for the opinions of a diverse body of constituents.    Spring Break Posting Requirements: You are not required to post during Spring Break. Feel free to take the week off.