The LGBT community

As time has progressed, the communities of the LGBT people have widely spread across the United States. More and more people every day "come out" with their identities they associate themselves with. 4.5 percent of adults now associate themselves int he LGBT community, which one full percentage higher than it was in 2012. This article I found in the New York Times discusses a woman named Samantha Allen, who traveled across America reporting her findings about the LGBT community cultures across the states. She discusses how as much as Trump may have banned transgender troops and speaks against other issues with the LGBT, most states across the South and West are all experiencing huge spikes in the percentage of residences who identify as LGBT. Samantha says at the end "before we know it, this country will have become LGBT friendly not from the outside in but from the inside out". With this being said, how do you think this will affect the United State's laws against LGBT in the future. Will there be more power in numbers which will go against laws such as no transgenders being allowed in the army? Could there be more representation in the LGBT possibly in the government over time? What do people think about this change over time in general?