Three Potential Solutions, Final Town Halls, and Proposal Check Meetings

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Welcome back, everyone…here’s hoping that you had a restful break.

Here’s also hoping that you’re ready to hit the ground running, as your final proposal is due exactly one month from today, and there’s plenty of work to be done.

There are four items in today’s announcement, starting with more detail about the “Three Possible Solutions” portion of your proposal, which is due by this Friday, March 10th

“Three Potential Solutions” due this Friday, March 10th

The next stage of your proposal is to come up with three potential solutions to the problem you have identified in your prospectus, and to describe them in some detail in the “potential solutions” section of your proposal document. Be sure to think broadly and deeply enough about possible approaches so that each of the three solutions is credible and reasonable -- even if you have a solution in mind already, think again, and then again. You should not be committed to one or another of the solutions at this time. This is also a good time to draw upon new or previous consultations to solicit ideas for approaches you might not have considered. Though it is not explicitly required at this time, please feel free to start filling out the consultations section of the proposal as well. The spirit of the “three potential solutions” is to think as expansively as you can about the nature of the problem that you’ve identified, and to challenge your own ideas about how to solve it, and the best consultation sections include consultants who push back against your ideas, so these portions of the proposal should ideally go hand in hand. See the syllabus for more details.

Our Final Two Town Hall meetings

Next week brings your final opportunities to be sure that you attend the required two town hall meetings.

On Tuesday, March 14th at 5:30 in 1322 School of Education, Brian Steglitz, Manager of Water Treatment Services for the City of Ann Arbor will give a brief presentation on "The State of Our Infrastructure: Positioning for the Future. Sign up HERE.

Later that week, our final Town Hall meeting will feature Rebecca DeVooght (UM Director of Government Relations) on Thursday the 16th at 6:30 in 1322 School of Education. Ms. DeVooght offers a Lansing insider’s perspective on the process through which ideas for legislation become actual bills, and potentially laws. It is highly relevant to your work—you’re also invited to bring your proposal ideas to solicit her feedback and suggestions. Sign up HERE.

Readings for both town halls are listed in the respective event announcements.

Your Prospectus

Faculty and TCs have been reviewing your prospectuses. The TCs will offer you feedback on your prospectus over the coming week, and faculty are (of course) available to discuss them with you as well

Proposal Check Meetings with Faculty—Required by March 31st

By the end of March, each proposal author (or authoring team) must have a 20 minute meeting with one of the faculty in which you succinctly address the following four items related to your proposal:

·                *What is the problem to which your proposal is a response, and what

                   might your solution/s be?

·                *What legislation in other states have you looked at as a possible model?

·                *What is one consultation you’ve already had and what did you learn from it?

·                *Who might you talk to (as a consultant) in order to get some push-back on

                   your proposal ideas and/or a different “take” on the issue at hand?

HERE is the signup sheet. Faculty will continue listing office hours each week, and meeting times will be available both in person and via video-conference. Stay tuned for super office hours coming later in March, when all of the faculty and all the TCs will be available to meet with you and help support your proposal work.