There is a pressing need for affordable housing!

As Americans we can only do our best to strive for a decent quality of life. For some that quality may only be made attainable due to the implementation of affordable housing—which, if centered around major cities, can aid in the creation of a walkable downtown. However, there are too many communities that lack in the creation of affordable housing. Affordable housing is created for people to be able to come into a neighborhood and have the same amenities as other places with the needed economic relief; at an affordable price based on their yearly income. Affordable housing is beneficial beyond just allowing people easier access to shelter, but it also aids in bringing young entrepreneurs into suburban neighborhoods and increases the growth and expansion of businesses within the community. There are over 19 million households that use over half of their annual income to pay for their current housing and the addition of affordable housing will not only help them substantially with money, but it will also be helping small businesses flourish within the community and therefore contribute greatly to a stronger local economy. With that being said, should we pressure our congress (senate, house of reps) to enact a bill that would make sure that affordable housing be implemented in states and areas where it is deemed desperately needed? How else can you incentivize contractors/companies to create affordable housing as opposed to luxury housing? Do you think that the gentrification phenomenon is affecting the amount of affordable housing that cities are building?