Thematic topic areas now open

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In the past two weeks we've seen an impressive variety of question-sparking Provocations and some terrific discussion around them. You may continue to add to those discussions as you see fit, but starting today, we're asking all MSC members to turn attention to issue-based discussions in thematic topic areas. 

There are eight topic areas in all (Health of youth and children, Youth criminal justice, Income and wealth equity, Transportation, Education, Gender and social rights, Environmental quality, and Technology), and over the next two weeks we would like you to explore all of them, eventually settling on one area where you will post your media artifact (which for UM students is due October 7) and gradually craft your proposal. (See the syllabus for details about the media artifact, and stay tuned for more announcements about it soon.)

Please focus right now on the four thematic topic areas that currently appear the front page; later this week we'll bring up the remaining topic areas. 

UM students, please keep in mind that you must be actively posting on the MSC site on a minimum of three days per week, spread out over the week in the interest of having back-and-forth conversations. These postings can include starting new discussion topics as well as posting responses to topics or comments by others, in any of the thematic topic areas. UM students, also note that you should be starting your service activity by the end of this week; if you haven't made arrangements with one of the approved organizations, please do that ASAP.