Teaching kids about money

Money management…(Income/Wealth Equity)



~ The average annual income in michigan is $52,492, household income $5,125 lower. Oakland making the most money at $85,991 a year. To comparison where detroit is making $26,095.This is my belief, Is this lower rate of income in cities because kids got more education in rich cities rather than cities that are making lower annual pay? Think about it if generations now, got the right education back then. Would it make a difference? If we provide the knowledge to these kids and the materials needed to exceed, now would they have a better chance of making money? That's the problem, I see kids in these lower income areas aren’t getting enough education to learn and to grow into wealth.



Jen Sincero- Author of a couple of New York's best sellers



~Would teaching money management to children as they are young benefit them in the future?

~ Is the reason people are in debt because they weren't taught how to manage money?

~ How would you provide for these kids in school, if you agree with the argument?


Education / Persona

“I’m going to do great things!!!”   


~ Jessie a young middle school student trying to pass through the grade learning basic math and english skills etc. But suddenly the teacher is teaching young jessie management skills to figure out how to save money. Basic skills of course, so young kids like jessie can recognize these skills so their brain gets used to using these skills in everyday practices like going to the store, mall, etc.. kids pick up things very well from a yo0ung age because their brains are like sponges.


~ NEED: Kids need to learn about money management in my perspective because I strongly believe it will benefit them.

Jessie graduating and successfully paying his bills in the future because he knows about money management.


~ Often young adults struggle with learning how to handle their finances because they were tough but didn't pick up on it because it wasn't until later in life the recognize they needed that skill.


3 Solutions:

1. Parents can teach their kids starting from a young age


2. Government can possibly distribute funding so lower income student can earn more money later


3. Teaching retirement planning


Background/ research process…

The steps i took to achieve this work is i started of with my media artifacts and researched what those where and how they worked, this is where i got the majority of the help from my teacher because i didn't quite understand where i was going with this. I began to research money issues in michigan and was thinking to myself hmmm what if that is the issues the source to the problem is that no one really understands fully how to establish themselves or get in to a happy place with money. Eventually i figured it all out and moved on to my persona or POV. That didn't take me more than a day to do because it was based off what i had just gotten done researching. Next up the solutions, the commenters on my media artifact and prosona helped me to figure those three out witch made it very easy for me.



I don't know if i can relate any another michigan bill other than the taxes that pay for our schools, because this only has to do with our children's education. This proposal will make a difference because it will benefit future generations and make them smarter, more knowledgeable for living their best life, i mean best life by well established and not having to worry about money. I believe this will benefit us greatly. I discovered this from my teacher actually because i wanted to write about something that had to do with money, then i started thinking about the bigger picture and realized this topic. Then I began to teach myself about it.


Consultations… The impact and what they think...

  1. Children that attend howell high school… the children attending this school, and no i do not speak for all of them just about three, think this idea would be a great replacement for a class they would never need when they become adults. For example instead of three gym classes replace one with a money management period. Think about it so many people would benefit most kids i hang around with don't know how to pay taxes, handel their money, etc. thats gonna hurt them in the long run because when they start adulting what are they gonna do?

  1. Children that attend innovation academy… innovation is the best school I have ever attended and I wouldn't change anything about it, but if there were some kids who wanted to learn about money management I’m sure some of the staff here will gide their kids through the deep dark money laundering process

  1. My family… my family supports everything i do because they are related to me but when i brought this idea up i could tell that it was something good. My family began to discuss and go on and on about the benefits that it would bring even though i didn't get to finish what i was saying! It was pretty cool they discussed thing like teaching kids these types of things instead of a jewelry class would so much more likely benefit their lives.


Reaction/ advice… I got advice from my father brian because he would be brutally honestest with me. So he said after i brought the discussion up, it needs more length to the argument. Witch i totally agree, but having me explain it in person is so much better then just sitting on your computer and reading it off the screen. When or if i were to present this topic i would be enthusiastic and really try to draw the listeners in to my way of thinking. Now my father is a very judgy person and very stubborn and likes to believe what he wants. But everyone i've talked to about this theory thinks it’s great and so did he surprisingly.


Authors contributed… This was brought to thought all by myself and a little help to get the idea rolling by Mrs. Dawn. I put everything together and used the outline my teacher provided me.

Formal proposal


Preambulatory clauses…


WHEREAS. Adults are falling into debt and they don’t know how.

WHEREAS. Kids aren’t understanding the works of money.


Operative clauses…

The solution I am proposing is that kids get taught how to manage their money so they are educated enough to have a successful adult career in whatever it may be.


Therefore be it resolved…

  1. Through education...

  2. Through retirement planning...

  3. Through parents guiding their kids...


Counter argument…

  1. What if the teachers themselves have the wrong understanding of money and begin to outcast that negative image on their students?

  2. What if parents think their kids won't understand the topic and think its too hard for their young age?

  3. Last but not least, what if we go through with this plan and it doesn't work?


Cost and funding?

The cost would be teachers taking the time to research this topic of money management and figure out a way to bring up lessons for classes so kids can be taught.



Jen Sincero, my favorite book author

Google.com for info on michigan

My teacher Mrs.Dawn

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