Teaching kids about money


Money management…(Income/Wealth Equity)



~ The average annual income in michigan is $52,492, household income $5,125 lower. Oakland making the most money at $85,991 a year. To comparison where detroit is making $26,095.This is my belief, Is this lower rate of income in cities because kids got more education in rich cities rather than cities that are making lower annual pay? Think about it if generations now, got the right education back then. Would it make a difference? If we provide the knowledge to these kids and the materials needed to exceed, now would they have a better chance of making money? That's the problem, I see kids in these lower income areas aren’t getting enough education to learn and to grow into wealth.



Jen Sincero- Author of a couple of New York's best sellers



~Would teaching money management to children as they are young benefit them in the future?

~ Is the reason people are in debt because they weren't taught how to manage money?

~ How would you provide for these kids in school, if you agree with the argument?

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