Students with Disabilities...

Students with Disabilities in Michigan

There has been news about how Michigan is "failing its special needs children" in schools. Renee Honor has a son who was diagnosed with ADD, a cognitive disorder, and Autism Spectrum disorder. She noticed he was struggling to read in third grade, but his school in Detroit never mentioned anything her. After switching schools several times due to their lack of support services, lack of funds able to be used towards special education, and lack of knowledge of how to be perceptive, socialize, and properly teach individuals like her son.

About 25% of special education students in Michigan drop out of high school, compared to the national average of 18.5%.

39.3% of students with disabilities in Michigan are educated in separate schools or classes than other students, compared to 25% nationally.

What do you think is the best way to teach students who need special education? Socialized into a classroom with all kids of their eyes with and without disabilities, or in separate classes or schools?

How can Michigan improve its services for kids with disabilities?

Can you think of any programs or ideas for ways to help these children reach their maximum potential at school and be best prepared for their lives?,4615,7-140-6598---,00.html