This is something that is...

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This is something that is very worrisome to us all, but I am tracking what is going on in Michigan and specifically in Detroit as the city starts to be noticed for its potential to become one of the next hotbeds of the Covid-19 global pandemic. I was particularly struck by the comments of Dr. Teena Chopra regarding the effects of poverty and disadvantage omg the spread of the virus: “The high rates of social disadvantage and higher comorbidities make the city of Detroit more vulnerable to Covid-19. So these are the reasons why Detroit is, as far as predictions is concerned, showing the steeper curve and steeper than even New York.” She continues to discuss the high rate of poverty, lack of water for many Detroit residents and the low rate of literacy for the disadvantaged population and this is of great concern. I realize that it's hard to get clear and objective about something that is effecting the whole world, and yet I am mindful of how vulnerable a population like that of the city of Detroit can be and wanted to put this out there for discussion in this forum. I'm appreciative of all your thoughts and insights into this really troubling reality.