Some Michigan residents try to get convictions erased

Recently, Michigan residents are taking advantage of a legal option that allows people to erase their criminal convictions. A study done by the University of Michigan law school suggests that 6.5 of people who meet the expungement requirements end up having their convictions set aside within five years of becoming go becoming eligible. Though this will open the doors to housing, student loans, and employment, are there negatives or concerns? If so, what could those be. For people with non-violent crimes, I think this could be a great opportunity. It is very hard for people with any criminal record to get any financial support, as well as a job. This could give them better opportunities to excel in life. I also see how people can be concerned about this. How do people know that they won’t commit these crimes again? Don’t people have the right to know who they’re letting work or live next to. What do you think of this? Is this something that Michigan should keep doing, or even spread throughout other parts of the state?