Social Media as an Extended...

Social Media as an Extended Classroom

As our K-12 teaching population becomes younger and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. become older we are reaching a decision point: Should teachers use social media platforms to aid in classroom learning? PBS published an interesting article discussing the arguments for and against the use of social media in the classroom (link: In this post I will take the seemingly unpopular stance against the use of social media platforms as a tool of instruction.

Teenagers and adults alike have developed an addiction to these "All About Me" platforms. Who a student is on social media is likely only a small collection of the person they are in the classroom. As we all know, social media is heavily curated and can provide false realities about an individual's livelihood. Introducing social media into the classroom could begin to chip away at a student's realistic approach to education and life. Additionally, students already spend so much of their day focused on cell phones. By providing students access to social media during the school day, regardless of whether it is for educational purposes, students are becoming more introverted and less stretched from their comfort zone.

To begin this discussion I ask you to ponder this quote from the article: "And instead of encouraging them to share their thoughts, maybe we should be teaching them that no, they don't have to share every thought."