Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Infographic, by Brett Silber and Oliver Ginns.

2. Persona and POV statement Persona: Persona name: Jerry Ross Age: 20 School/Occupation: Football Player, University of Michigan  Location: Ann Arbor   Quote: "I don’t have time to study or get a job, and I don’t have enough money to pay for enough food for myself"   


  • Struggles with food and financial insecurity on campus 

  • One of the stars of the football team, dedicates nearly 40 hours per week to the team

  • Doesn't have much time to do work or study due to his football obligations


  • Make it to the NFL and play professional football

  • Have a steady source of income 

  • To always know where his next meal is coming from

 POV Statement:

  • User: Jerry Ross, a hard-working college athlete, 

  • Need: Needs the NCAA to change its policies regarding compensation for student athletes

  • Insight: Because without pay, will continue to struggle with food/financial insecurity as an undergraduate.