Should Apple be Held Responsible for Adverse Effects of iPhone?

Many of us would say we are "addicted to our phones" and this is an issue that has gotten worse with recent generations. Tech addiction has become a national concern, and it has been affecting children especially in dramatic ways. As we are biologically prone to getting addicted to these types of experiences, our brains act in the same way that those of a substance abuser would when we look at our screens. The creators of smartphones are aware of the addictive qualities of the products they create. The amount of time we spend on our phones affects us mentally and physically in negative ways. 

The question is then, should we hold comapnies like Apple responsible for the harm their products have on people? Apple's business model does not depend on tech addiction, as the company makes most of its revenue from the high profit margins on their product sales. Thus, smartphone companies do not rely on you using your phone frequently to make most of their money. In that case, should Apple (and similar technology companies) be trying to make a less addictive smartphone to protect people from the harmful effects of their products? What do you think?