Sexual Assaults on Campus

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Sexual assaults on campus is a troubling issue that it is affecting women across the country and continuing to rise. It is actually one of the most prevelant crimes that occurs in college campuses. According to the Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (RAINN), almost 11% of all college students, whether they are male or female, experience some sort of sexual abuse or violence through physical force. Even more concerning, 25% of all females will experience some sort of sexual violence or abuse during their time at college. College is suppose to be a safe, fun and learning environment for people, not a place where students, especially females, should be afraid to go to. 

A very eye-opening issue pertaining to sexual assaults on campus is that majority of the violence is occurring in dorms. Based on sexual assault studies, more than 80% of all college campus assaults occur in the dorms and only 4% occurred in fraternities. I think this is interesting as more of the fraternity abuse is publicized, yet it does not merely come close to the assaults that occur in dorms. Obviously this shows that there is a need for change and more protection for women in dorms. 

In addition, a statistic that I thought was noteworthy was that women who are abused or raped do not come forward. According to Rainn, only 20% of women actually report their abuse to law enforcement. Females in colleges do not come forward about their abuse because they believed it was a personal reason, had fear of reporting, did not think it was important, did not want to get in trouble, or believe the police wouldnt help. We have to change this culture into one that women feel comfortable and safe enough to report their abuse and violence. 

Overall, there are things to think about when it comes to this very horrible issue:

How can sexual assaults be prevented in college dorms?

Are there hotlines or support groups that can be created for victims of abuse to go to seek help?

What are ways in which we can help change the culture of not reporting sexual assaults into one where people feel comfortable enough to do so?

Do you have any other thoughts about this issue?