Service Check-in, Media Artifact

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EDUC 362 students: Service Check-in due today

A reminder for all EDUC 362 students that your service check in is due by midnight tonight. The service check-in is simply a couple paragraphs describing your service activity, the organization you are working with, and potential connections with your other MSC work. It can be submitted via the EDUC 362 Canvas site for your section.

Media artifact

Media artifacts are due this Friday, February 15. The previous MSC announcement has all sorts of tips and information, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to the TCs or the instructors if you have questions or just want to float some ideas.

This is also a good time to reference the Design Mindset Cards, available for purchase or as a PDF. Right now you are in a “discovery” phase of the proposal crafting process, which means that you are spending time learning everything you can about the background and situation related to your chosen issue, including thinking about all the various people involved. (This is not yet the time to come up with solutions -- if you have ideas for solutions, put them in a “solution bucket” and hold them for later.)

As you work on your media artifact, the Design Mindset Cards in the “Discover” category can help guide your thinking. Some of the cards give suggestions for observing people and environments -- at this point, if you can do some direct observations related to your issue, that would be ideal, but observations can also be second-hand (e.g., through reading text or watching videos that you find). Cards D6 through D10 are particularly important as you think about what aspects of the issue you might be overlooking.