Service check-ins, schedule changes and new topic area discussions

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Service Check-In

You need to submit a “service check-in” at the end of this week (due this Friday, Feb. 9).

There are now Canvas sites published for each section; there is a place to submit your service check-in in the Assignments area.

Please submit approximately 300 words describing:

  1. a) where you’re doing your service work, and your schedule (as much as you know it),

  2. b) what you know about the organization and the activities you’ll be doing, and

  3. c) where you see opportunities you can seize upon to connect your service work with your proposal writing and your participation in the thematic area discussions.

Schedule adjustments

We have adjusted a few future due dates in the schedule to give everyone a bit more time to do the media artifact. New due dates are as follows, and the syllabus has been updated accordingly:

February 18    Media Artifact due. Begin posting reactions to artifacts by others.

March 11    Prospectus due.

March 18    Three possible solutions due.

We will give you details about posting your media artifact next week, but in the meantime please look at the description in the syllabus, under “Steps to your Proposal” on p.8.

Trying new issue areas

As you know, we expect that all of you will participate in discussions in multiple topic areas, and we want to underline that request by asking people to check out the discussions in income and Wealth Equity and Gender Rights if you’ve not yet visited those issue areas.  For example, in Gender Rights there’s an interesting discussion  going on about the comparatively low ranking of the United States in the World Economic Forum’s assessment of gender equality around the world. In Income and Wealth Equity, caucus members are debating whether the goal of closing the wealth gap is really a desirable outcome...we expect that there’ll be some strong opinions on this across MSC. Stretch your mind a bit and try something new.