Service check-in and more

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**Be sure to read this entire announcement to the end -- important dates included**

New Topic Coordinator

Please help us welcome UM senior James Landau to the Topic Coordinator team. Just as Devin has been doing, James will hold office hours and will be available in general to answer questions, give feedback on ideas, and generally help support your work throughout the semester.


EDUC 362 students: You should be starting service activity by next Tuesday (Oct. 1), if you haven’t already started. A brief “Service Check-in” is also due next Tuesday. Submit your check-in as a response to the assignment which is now available on your EDUC 362 Canvas site.

Media artifact

It’s not too soon to start thinking about your Media Artifact, which is due October 6. Please review the description of the Media Artifact in the EDUC 362 syllabus (p. 9), and look at some examples from past MSC sessions, as you start considering topics and formats for your own media artifact. More about the Media Artifact in the next announcement!

Advice for posting discussion topics

When starting a new discussion topic, keep the following in mind:

  • Come up with a catchy and exciting title.

  • Include questions for people to think about.

  • If you are sharing an article, write a brief summary along with your own brief commentary.

  • Use hyperlinked text (apply the “link” icon to words in your text), instead of copying the raw URL in the text.

  • Spell-check! Turn on your browser’s spell check feature, or type in an editor or word processor first.

  • An image (especially a graph or chart) can go a long way.

  • Citing an article or other outside media item is great; citing two or more and synthesizing is even better.

  • Take advantage of office hours to get feedback and advice!

All of that said, the whole point is to have in-depth, back-and-forth discussions. Please spend some time responding to other topics before posting your own.