Service Activity, Town Hall Meeting, MSC Instagram, and More!

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Service Activity

You should be reaching out to service organizations from the approved service opportunities list and arranging to do at least 15 hours of activity with that organization. Please contact the organizations directly and schedule service based on your availability and their needs. (We try to keep the list updated, but not all organizations may be taking volunteers right now.)

Your service activity should begin no later than Monday, February 4, and you should have the bulk of your hours completed by mid-March, if possible, so that your experiences can inform your proposal. You will report on your activity in a “service check-in” due February 10, and in your final portfolio.

Town Hall Meeting

Speaking of service activity, our first town hall meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday, January 29, and Danyelle Reynolds from the Ginsberg Center will be our guest. (Room info will be posted soon in the Event listing on the MSC site.) Whether you have your service activity arranged by that date or not, this is a great opportunity to find out all about the roles of community service organizations and how you can be sure that you’re both contributing and learning the most when you’re working with them. Please note that there are pre-event readings listed in the event posting. EDUC 362 students are required to attend at least 2 town hall meetings; more will be listed soon.

Continuing Provocations Discussions

The provocations discussions have been terrific! If you come across more images or information that spark your curiosity, by all means please post them as new provocations, but even more importantly, please go back to and continue the conversations that you have started or joined. Back-and-forth dialog is crucial to high-quality caucusing. Keep in mind that the goal of the provocations is to raise questions and inspire curiosity rather than to come up with solutions.

Issue Discussions

This Sunday we will transition from Provocations to discussion in eight broad topic areas. As the semester goes on, you will gradually choose one topic area in which to create a media artifact and ultimately craft a proposal, but you do not have to focus on a topic yet -- in fact, you should be sure to participate in at least four different topic areas.

Media artifacts and proposals will eventually be posted to the topic areas, but the initial emphasis will be on issue-based discussions. These should be similar in format to the provocations discussions, but focused more on particular issues of importance to students in Michigan. Provocations can and should provide sparks that turn into issue discussions.

MSC Instagram

Thanks to our topic coordinator team (with special thanks to Jillian), the MSC now has an Instagram account: @michiganstudentcaucus. Magical things await those who follow …..

And finally…

If you haven’t already, please be sure to upload a profile picture!