School Transportation

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As we know from previous discussions in this class, Michigan has been struggling with education funding. With these struggles, comes the need to close down underperforming schools. A consequence of closing down schools is forcing parents to find a new school for their children to attend, which will likely be much further away from the initial school location. This leads to an issue when it comes to getting students to school, especially when their parents are working full time and might not have the means to pay for an alternate transportation method. 

Around this time last year, Michigan was planning to close 38 schools, leaving many parents concerned about potentially bringing their children to a new school and having to figure out how to get them there. For many students, the closest school after the closings would be 30 miles away. Parents who perhaps had previously been able to drop their children off at school on their way to work might not have this option available to them anymore. 

I would like to hear other students' thoughts about these issues. Do you think that the state should be responsible for providing alternate transportation methods when they make the decision to close down schools? If not, how should this be handled?