School Reform in Michigan

Here is a small article from the Detroit Free Press on Michigan Education:

"What do you do when you're a parent in this city struggling to find the best education available for your child? Stick with Detroit Public Schools Community District, which has been on a long, slow decline since the 1980s? Or take a chance on a charter school, which is too often run by for-profit operators, with profoundly mixed results? Or, leave the city altogether, for a school of choice in a suburban district?

It's an array of unsatisfactory choices, and the state's failure to make the city's schools right — yeah, this one is on the state, which created the charter system and has run Detroit's public schools for most of this century — is the biggest stumbling block in Detroit's still-tenuous recovery ... which is a financial argument against what should be a moral question.

How do we tell children in Detroit that they matter, when we can't give them the same basic education their suburban peers claim with no hurdles?"

The concerns of parents in the Metro Detroit area are not uncommon among city populations. It is unfair that just because of where they live, kids can't get the same level of education as someone who lives 30 minutes away from them. 

What can we do to make the playing field more even among city schools and suburban school?

Should the state be responsible for making sure all of its students are on par with each other?