Sam and Larry's Gun Proposal

Seth Goldstein (TC)'s picture

I think that one of the best proposals created this semester was by Sam and Larry about gun control reform. Their proposal clearly lays out the gun violence issue not only in their propsectus, but in their preambulatory causes. In their prospectus they were able to demonstrate, through statistics and examples, the high rates of violence that is occurring due to guns/firearms. In addition, they clearly articulated the weak national and Michigan specific gun control laws that are in effect today, but need reform. 

The consultation that Sam and Larry received from Chris Briney, the Head of Pistol Registration at the Ann Arbor Police Department was by far the most thorough and detailed consultation that I read out of all the proposals. This consultation is with an extremely trustworthy and reputable person; they also went into deep analysis with Chris and were able to ask very meaningful questions that helped craft their proposal. Not only did they find a consultation in the industry and with experience, they were persistent in finding other reputable sources as well. The survivor of Jake B and Spencer showed what actual people think of gun violence and gun control. They were able to show opposing viewpoints that really made the proposal more credible. 

I also thought that their solutions were very feasible and viable. Their solutions were not too complex, but simple enough to make a change. For example, extending the period of time for guns to 3-10 gives a lot more time for background checks and giving an exact measurement for what guns cant be bought was simple, but well thought out as well. Most importantly, I thought that they gave good reasons for why these solutions were feasible. They laid out a specific funding plan, with specific salaries that demonstrate the funding necesssary for these solutions to come to fruition. 

Overall, I believe that this proposal tackled one of the most important issues going on in the US today and these guys did a great job on it.