Lyft Outmaneuvers Uber in IPO Race

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Ride hailing services have grown from nothing into an indelible part of transportation. What the said, we know and use major companies such as Lyft and Uber, but according to Uber's founder, "There are going to be more competitors." Lyft is projected to beat Uber to the public markets Friday after pricing its IPO Thursday at $72 a share, raising $2.34 billion. That being said, by the time both Lyft and Uber launch their IPO's, they will have each raised more venture capital than any U.S startup that has gone public. The WSJ talked with a number of people familiar with the companies capital-raising fight to get acclimated to their different business strategies. Both of them seem to operate on the same platform of subsidizing riders in order to get them hooked, but that being said, from personal experience do you believe Uber or Lyft will seek higher market value in the IPO? Which ride sharing service do you find to be better, or more likely to use? Do you foresee any other major competitors to this ride sharing industry?