Rich Privilege in Justice...

Rich Privilege in Justice System

In 2013, a young teen from Texas did not go to jail because he came from a wealthy family. This teen was driving drunk and killed four people. In this scenario, "the judge made her ruling after hearing from a psychologist who claimed that the 16-year-old boy suffered from “affluenza,” a term used to describe psychological problems that can afflict children of privilege." While this is an extreme example of this occurrence, it is very prevalent on a daily basis. Money bail for possible release is very common and with children that are not financially stable, it is much harder for them to get out. Additionally, these children get appointed a public attorney who often times have many other cases on their plate and are working for free so have less incentive to work hard on individual cases. I contend that all people should be treated equal and should solely be sentenced or tried based on the crime they committed and that should not be influenced based on their economic status. I am curious to hear what the caucus thinks about this issue.

Specifically, is this fair? Is this simply equivalent to all other aspects of society where the rich prosper and the poor do not? If you do not believe that this is fair, what can we do to make this process better?