Reminders for UM students

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EDUC 362 students, please take note:

Keep in mind that you need to be making substantial contributions to the MSC site on at least 3 days per week, each and every week up through the proposal rating and platform discussion phase, which will end November 25 (adjustments to the end date may be be made depending on when the hearing is scheduled -- we're working on that now). "Substantial contributions" can include comments anywhere on the site, new discussion topics, and making substantial additions to your proposal (including posting a link to your Media Artifact). This is the bare minimum requirement for a grade of B or higher.

Also keep in mind that you need to attend at least two town hall meetings. There are currently five events listed for the month of October, and while we may add a couple more, do not wait -- plan to attend at least two of the listed events. Before the event be sure to do the readings listed in the event posting, and if it's a "counts as" town hall, email the instructors afterwards with a short paragraph to verify your attendance.