Reminders: Topic area discussions, media artifact, service activity

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MSC activity is in full swing this week, and here are a few reminders:

- At this point you should be contributing to actively to back-and-forth conversations around various issues in multiple topic areas, and at the same time you should choose one topic area of particular interest to be the location for your media artifact and ultimately your proposal. 

- Speaking of your media artifact, don't forget that it is due this coming Sunday, October 7. If you haven't yet decided on a focus issue for your media artifact, please do that very soon. If you would like to discuss any aspect of your media artifact plans, don't hesitate to reach out to an instructor or TC.

- UM students, you should also have started your service activity by now. An "assignment" has been created in your EDUC 362 Canvas site for you to submit a brief Service Check-in describing where and what you are doing for your activity -- you can submit that any time but no later than this Sunday, October 7.