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Some reminders:

  • Right now you should be focusing on rating proposals and posting in the Platform Discussion group. These discussions should be, well, discussions -- please respond to each other and create back-and-forth conversations. See the previous announcement for all sorts of details about proposal rating and discussion.

  • Everyone should rate all complete proposals on their RELATIVE STRENGTH from 1 to 10 (be sure to watch the screencast, and remember that the slider can be touchy).

  • Pay attention to the rating criteria, which are listed in the Platform Discussion Group description.

  • When discussing proposals for the platform, be sure to impartially talk about both strengths and weaknesses, keeping in mind that every proposal has some strengths and no proposal is perfect. It’s ok to include your own proposal in these discussions, but please do not focus mainly on your own.

  • Online posting will end at midnight on Monday, Dec. 2. Authors of proposals in the platform will then each prepare a 3-slide, 3-minute presentation for the hearing panel. MSC members who are not authors of a proposal in the platform will prepare a set of Instagram-style posts highlighting important points that have come up in the MSC this semester. All will go on the MSC instagram feed, and a subset of these will be shown briefly to the panel.

  • Attending the hearing in Lansing (11:00am - 12:30pm, Thursday, Dec. 12) is mandatory for everyone enrolled in EDUC 362,  whether you are an author of a proposal in the platform or not.

  • After December 2 when proposal rating has closed, you may make final refinements to your proposal. Again, do NOT edit your proposal during the rating period.

  • You do not have to post on Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday - Sunday) but you are still required to post on at least two days next week.