Recreational Marijuana Sales in Michigan

Hi everyone,

Today and tomorrow, marijuana dispensaries in Ann Arbor are set to begin recreational selling of weed. Although the state is in the middle of a temporary ban of vapes and other e-cigs, the cannabis industry is about to see a huge uptick in sales although legislators have been worrying about lung illness amongst Michiganders. What are the specifics of recreational selling and buying? You must be at least 21 years of age with a valid state ID or drivers license to purchase, and you must be a licensed dispensary to sell recreationally. In Michigan, residents are allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces on their person, or 10 at home. Despite new legislation, there are still limiations that can be placed amongst individuals; for example, employers can still drug test and prohibit the presence of THC in an employee's system, and landowners can still ban the use of marijuana on their property. 

I think it is important to point out the sentiment amongst Michiganders throughout this legalization process. Since 2008, when marijuana was first legalized in the state of Michigan, approximately 80% of municipalities in the state have opted out of allowing recreational sales in certain communities. How do you think communties are impacted through this new legislation? I think it is important to analyze this issue from both an economic and ethical standpoint. Financially, I think the state now has access to an industry that could provide revenue streams in the future; although I don't know how consistent, it is definitely a new source of revenue for the state. Ethically, marijuana is polarizing, and it is difficult for communites who might not want this selling going on in their backyard to come to grips with this new legislation. I am really interested to hear your thoughts and opinions!