Girl killed by fake uber driver

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Recently, there was brutal news that come out about a girl being killed after getting into a fake uber. After first hearing about the news, I immediately thought about how this even happens in the first place. I've used uber plenty of times in the past, but before getting in the uber I always make sure that the uber knows my name so that I know its actually my uber. But also on the other hand, what would make someone pull up to the side of the rode and act like you were the persons uber? And if you read the article, it also states that the driver of the uber put the child locks on in the car once the woman got into the backseat of the vehicle. It's scary to think that something like this happened because I've taken uber so many times as I'm sure everyone else here has too. What can be done in the future to prevent something like this from happening? For example, should there be a code that both the uber driver and the person who called the uber have to have match up before the person gets into the car just so that situations like the one above never happen again? I'm curious to hear your guys' thoughts about this situation because no parent should ever have to worry about their kid being kidnapped and killed because of a fake uber.