NFL and Social Injustices

A recent story that I was following in the media is the backlash of the decision of artist and performer Travis Scott to perform at the Super Bowl LIII Pepsi halftime show. Given the myriad of issues surrounding the NFL as it pertains to social injustices including Colin Kaepernicks’ #TakeAKnee, this decision is a reoccurring theme within the sports, entertainment industries and society as a whole and an important topic that deserves attention. Scott agreed to perform at the event under one condition; the NFL would join him in a joint donation to a charitable cause, a $500,000 contribution to Dream Corps, a non-profit organization that champions social injustice. Given the far-reaching influence that Scott has as an artist, this decision and price tag is aimed to inspire and promote change in society and allows us to all enjoy Scott’s creative talent while watching the game.